luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Inner struggle

Can somebody please!
Heal my sick mind,heal my black heart,
My lost forgotten sad spirit.
I am nothing but a piece of a missing puzzle

Cleanse my soul with what I'm not
Break myself from whole existence
Let me be and ask forgiveness
Let my prayers reach out your ears
I'll write my love with fallen tears

Let there be no self esteem
I will drop on to my knees
My heart isn't mine to give
You are my all,my everything
All I want you to have
Is knowing I regret,I want you back

Let myself fall to abyss
Having that last goodbye kiss
Long as blood runs through my veins
Know my heart will never change
Wipe me out from whole existence
Drowning within my own sickness

/You're my time trapped in a cage
blocking me to grow in age
As my tears fall to the ground
I ask of you a second chance
With my knees and tears in dust/mud
I'm bagging you to say yes
And the sweat gets in my eyes
Waiting for the final answer/

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