joi, 2 septembrie 2010

...few words from a mad man

people are ignorant beings
They ignore truth
they deny it just because it's ugly
darkness means truth
light just blinds you with LIES!!

There is no true good nor evil
humans poses the both sides
good cannot exists without evil and evil cannot exists without good
both didn't existed till human defined

Birth is a lie created by you
only death is true
and we don't know true death, not until the time is clear
when you were born you start to believe your own lies
that you are created for something bigger,better,stronger
only in death can be true
people often died for purposes bigger than themselves
most of the time they were dead wrong about it

I'm starting to believe that the purpose in life is death
the purpose is to survive as long as you can
enjoy the small things in life
pain and suffering as well,no need to run from them
just embrace them till they are gone

It is better to have your own beliefs
than the beliefs of the other
religion dominate people in fear
and promises them lies
its bigger,stronger and better at this than any other man or armies or countries or even anything that is material on this world
the biggest fear of man is the unknown.
Satan is another word for knowledge
also is one of the Christians  tools or weapons of manipulating people
he is the most feared word for people...a symbol
but it doesn't need to be so......not for the ones like you and me
not for the ones who embrace darkness as part of the life and not fear death..
we the ones who don't believe any bullshit are the ones who give them fear
not blinded nor imprisoned by the lies of god
I am my own god and by so I chose where to go...hell or heaven
and by this power I chose...NONE

My darkest thought is not by proving that I'm wrong....but proving me that I am right!

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