duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

Life is so primitive...from the beginning there were just few ways to get birth.Death is such more entertaining,every now and then a new way is found

sâmbătă, 4 decembrie 2010

The crow,december first

The shattered wind,
Blows cold in the harsh winter of december.
The sky is being conquered by heavy clouds
Everywhere is dark,but the moon still shines bright.
Leting me see a shadow long as an blink of an eye.
Not knowing if is a man or a beast,
Blaming my own imagination.
Not for long,as the aer got suddenly colder and the wind banished.
By the end of a moment,a noise camefrom behind.
Frighten,I turned back,
Nothing more than trees and bushes.
A silence so deep,allmost hipnotic,
at the limit of insanity I felt.
The silence was overwelming,deafening.
A howling of a wolf had awakening me from the silences trance.
A crow,crying, on a branch.
Staring at me,looking into my soul he was.
As the moon was full,
Terrified,I start running
And kept running
Runned and runned and running I was,
Spirits of the night,sensed my presence,
As I was a intruder to those sacred woods...cursed,I say!
Heavy snow falled from a tree,
falling on me,trapped under ice
Atempting to escape..
I saw blood on the grownd!
Searching for wounds,as I thought the blood was mine,
..but beneath me,
A hiding body,a corpse,a dead man,a murder I THOUGHT!
but where is the murderer?a frighteningly question
Fate gave me irony instead of a answer.
The irony rised more questions:
The body was frozen,
The blood was still warm!
Questions and questions that must have unfold.
I stapped on my feet and stapped even more
And tried to get out of the woods as before.
The crying crow paid me a visit
Wondering around,
flying not
was he imprisoned?
Looking at me,like a prophet he be,
Worned I felt when he "cra" right at me.
Once after that he got ost with the dark.
Lost and confused as the crow in the dark,
Blind I felt by the shine of the moon within the night.
So disturbing was the silence before,
And the brightness of moon so pleasent and more,
and more...
Near was a lake,is a angel I see?!
I stepped even furter,a voice I recall:
Feminin,calm,gentle,devine may I say.
Could be the angel?trapped in the lake?
As I took my next step a noise I hear,
Disturbing an hidious noise I did hear,
Ugly,persisten made from a beast
The crow was my beast
Allmost yelling at me.
Turning my sight to the demon at shore
Angry I was at the demon at shore
Interupted drom saving my angel in cause
My angel went gone,as never existed
It never was one.
The reflexion of moon,a spell put on me
Blinded by beauty and aweaken by the beast.
They want me dead,the moon,the landscape,dust or gods..
Turned my head back,to my demon,the crow from the woods,the prophet.
Silence striked back,
and my ears start bleeding.
The prophet starts crying,
I told him to stop,
He wouldn't shut up!
Screamed as I could,
He didn't even move.
So grabed him I did
Stabed with a stick
burned him alive
hungry I was
eat him ofcourse...
Silence...sweet silence...