duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

Life is so primitive...from the beginning there were just few ways to get birth.Death is such more entertaining,every now and then a new way is found

sâmbătă, 4 decembrie 2010

The crow,december first

The shattered wind,
Blows cold in the harsh winter of december.
The sky is being conquered by heavy clouds
Everywhere is dark,but the moon still shines bright.
Leting me see a shadow long as an blink of an eye.
Not knowing if is a man or a beast,
Blaming my own imagination.
Not for long,as the aer got suddenly colder and the wind banished.
By the end of a moment,a noise camefrom behind.
Frighten,I turned back,
Nothing more than trees and bushes.
A silence so deep,allmost hipnotic,
at the limit of insanity I felt.
The silence was overwelming,deafening.
A howling of a wolf had awakening me from the silences trance.
A crow,crying, on a branch.
Staring at me,looking into my soul he was.
As the moon was full,
Terrified,I start running
And kept running
Runned and runned and running I was,
Spirits of the night,sensed my presence,
As I was a intruder to those sacred woods...cursed,I say!
Heavy snow falled from a tree,
falling on me,trapped under ice
Atempting to escape..
I saw blood on the grownd!
Searching for wounds,as I thought the blood was mine,
..but beneath me,
A hiding body,a corpse,a dead man,a murder I THOUGHT!
but where is the murderer?a frighteningly question
Fate gave me irony instead of a answer.
The irony rised more questions:
The body was frozen,
The blood was still warm!
Questions and questions that must have unfold.
I stapped on my feet and stapped even more
And tried to get out of the woods as before.
The crying crow paid me a visit
Wondering around,
flying not
was he imprisoned?
Looking at me,like a prophet he be,
Worned I felt when he "cra" right at me.
Once after that he got ost with the dark.
Lost and confused as the crow in the dark,
Blind I felt by the shine of the moon within the night.
So disturbing was the silence before,
And the brightness of moon so pleasent and more,
and more...
Near was a lake,is a angel I see?!
I stepped even furter,a voice I recall:
Feminin,calm,gentle,devine may I say.
Could be the angel?trapped in the lake?
As I took my next step a noise I hear,
Disturbing an hidious noise I did hear,
Ugly,persisten made from a beast
The crow was my beast
Allmost yelling at me.
Turning my sight to the demon at shore
Angry I was at the demon at shore
Interupted drom saving my angel in cause
My angel went gone,as never existed
It never was one.
The reflexion of moon,a spell put on me
Blinded by beauty and aweaken by the beast.
They want me dead,the moon,the landscape,dust or gods..
Turned my head back,to my demon,the crow from the woods,the prophet.
Silence striked back,
and my ears start bleeding.
The prophet starts crying,
I told him to stop,
He wouldn't shut up!
Screamed as I could,
He didn't even move.
So grabed him I did
Stabed with a stick
burned him alive
hungry I was
eat him ofcourse...
Silence...sweet silence...

joi, 9 septembrie 2010

de ce ma rog nu pot sa pun videouri?......da,de pe you tube
<a href="http://www.megic.1go.dk/dontclickeng.htm"><font face="tahoma" size="5" color="#00AAFF">Don't click here!</font></a>

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Dupa cum vedeti pe acest blog,eu nu am o idee fixa despre ce sa scriu....asa ca voi scrie tot cemi trece prin cap sau imi iese pe cur....sau viceversa.Sper doar sami pastrez originalitatea,adica sami folosesc propriile idei...cand ceva e postat si numi apartine veti stii.Cred ca imi voi pastra oroginalitatea prin simplul fapt ca nu respect regulile de gramatica :D,voi incerca totusi sa intelegeti ce scriu desi textul in sine va fi mai greu de descifrat.Voi continua sa scriu in engleza doar pentru ca suna mai mijto si imi place mai mult limba aia decat rromana.Acest blog nu este facut pentru a avea cititori ci pentru a avea un scriitor....eu...lam facut de plictiseala cum de altfel multe lucruri le fac din acelasi motiv.Poate ca multe din parerile mele nu sunt si adevarate,dar repet sunt parerile mele,unele pot fi skimbate sau imbunatatite iar altele nu....de exp nu o sa ma convingeti in veci sami schimb parerea despre manelisti,cocalari,pitipoance,manelosi,fashionari,infumurati si muuulti altii care ar cam fi sinonime cu restul....imi pare rau daca sunt un nesuferit si nu iubesc animalele....daca iubiti intradevar animalele nu le mai omorati decat pentru hrana si autoaparare.....da ,frumoasa regula dar la speciile de mai sus nu este valabil:)

marți, 7 septembrie 2010


Ar fi multe de discutat pe aceasta tema,pe religie,credinta,divinitate...Dar ar fi prea multe,eu unul va spun atat,da imi voi urma viata dupa niste reguli...dar acele reguli fie ca le fac eu sau nu,eu le voi incalca sau respecta si eu imi voi asuma raspundere si consecintele,daca exista asa ceva....De ce sa imi bat capul cu Raiul vostru sau Iadul vostru (al crestinilor) pe cand eu am cate putin din ambele aici,in viata asta.Ma voi ocupa de ce am acum si dupa ce voi muri o sami bat eu capu.Aveti in dreapta o poza care explica clar despre crestinism in niste cuvinte care cu siguranta var deranja....nu am puso cu acest scop,doar ca am un simt al umorului care nu se limiteaza la bine sau la rau...ce e amuzant e amuzant,ce nu e poate pe mine tot ma amuza:).Eu incerc sami formez o credinta bazata pe viata asta,nu cea viitoare,pe realitate,nu pe fantezie.Daca te consideri mare crestin incearca sa nu ma judeci cand voi lua in deradere tot ce tine de crestinism,nimeni nar putea sa se abtine,de ce?ei bine pe langa faptul ca regulile crestine se bat cap in cap ca doi berbeci si se contrazic singure,ele se si impotrivesc naturii umane si te sperie cu "bau bau" pentru asi atinge scopul sau doar pentru simplul fapt de a avea putere asupra ta,pentru a domina oamenii creduli prin frica.Am spus ca pe aceasta tema ar fi foarte multe de discutata,dupa cum vedeti nu mam putut abtine si deja am inceput putin.Voi incheia cu o idee venita pe moment:Science?....neh......Religion?!?...hmmmm....Makes perfect sense.

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Inner struggle

Can somebody please!
Heal my sick mind,heal my black heart,
My lost forgotten sad spirit.
I am nothing but a piece of a missing puzzle

Cleanse my soul with what I'm not
Break myself from whole existence
Let me be and ask forgiveness
Let my prayers reach out your ears
I'll write my love with fallen tears

Let there be no self esteem
I will drop on to my knees
My heart isn't mine to give
You are my all,my everything
All I want you to have
Is knowing I regret,I want you back

Let myself fall to abyss
Having that last goodbye kiss
Long as blood runs through my veins
Know my heart will never change
Wipe me out from whole existence
Drowning within my own sickness

/You're my time trapped in a cage
blocking me to grow in age
As my tears fall to the ground
I ask of you a second chance
With my knees and tears in dust/mud
I'm bagging you to say yes
And the sweat gets in my eyes
Waiting for the final answer/

duminică, 5 septembrie 2010

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death

<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2ePWK0qfisE?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/2ePWK0qfisE?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

Spuneti NU dropsurilor

Vi sa intamplat vreodata sa va treziti in toiul noptii?da,da stiu nu raspundeti,nu inca.Sa va treziti cu o idee genila in cap?dar vreau sa spun GENIALA!!Apoi pentru ca si voi credeti ca e atat de geniala incepeti sa mergeti prin casa desi chiar nu vreti asta,patul in acel moment e raiul,dar parasiti raiul cu toate ispitele lui cautand,ce?Ei bine o foaie si un pix,pentru ce?Pentru ideea geniala,ati uitat?Si scrieti acolo ideea geniala grabiti sa nu ratati trenul catre lumea viselor,aruncati foaia,pixul si pe voi insiva in pat.A doua zi cand va treziti,luati foaia in mana si vedeti cea mai mare tampenie posibila!!Abia daca are gram de logica,va uitati crucis si parca va urlati in gand ce era atat de genial azi noapte iar acum a devenit o mazgaleala.....Mie mi sa intamplat.Dar ca aceea idee "geniala" sa nu fie doar un vis,mam gandit sa scriu asta...nu e acelasi lucru dar e mai bun ca o mazgaleala.

sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

Through my insanity

I am hallucinating my shadow grabbing my leg,screaming to me to not fall in or for...as I woke up,relieved that the hallucination is over, I see a hand shaped burn on to my leg.....I've been warned

joi, 2 septembrie 2010

...few words from a mad man

people are ignorant beings
They ignore truth
they deny it just because it's ugly
darkness means truth
light just blinds you with LIES!!

There is no true good nor evil
humans poses the both sides
good cannot exists without evil and evil cannot exists without good
both didn't existed till human defined

Birth is a lie created by you
only death is true
and we don't know true death, not until the time is clear
when you were born you start to believe your own lies
that you are created for something bigger,better,stronger
only in death can be true
people often died for purposes bigger than themselves
most of the time they were dead wrong about it

I'm starting to believe that the purpose in life is death
the purpose is to survive as long as you can
enjoy the small things in life
pain and suffering as well,no need to run from them
just embrace them till they are gone

It is better to have your own beliefs
than the beliefs of the other
religion dominate people in fear
and promises them lies
its bigger,stronger and better at this than any other man or armies or countries or even anything that is material on this world
the biggest fear of man is the unknown.
Satan is another word for knowledge
also is one of the Christians  tools or weapons of manipulating people
he is the most feared word for people...a symbol
but it doesn't need to be so......not for the ones like you and me
not for the ones who embrace darkness as part of the life and not fear death..
we the ones who don't believe any bullshit are the ones who give them fear
not blinded nor imprisoned by the lies of god
I am my own god and by so I chose where to go...hell or heaven
and by this power I chose...NONE

My darkest thought is not by proving that I'm wrong....but proving me that I am right!

miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Vengeace (be)4 death

Viatza pentru mine nu e ceva sacru
Dar vreau ca moartea mea, sa fie
Asta nu inseamna ca mio voi sfarsii
Si cu atat mai putin tu sa mi-o iei mie

Vreau ceva mai mult,vreau sa fie totul
Vreau un strop de vant
Sa-l arunc pe pamant
Vreau sa iti sting focul
Vreau sa iti iau totul

A cold clouded day....

A dark heavy cloud has dominated the sky,leaving no place for heaven,blokin' the sun as he never existed.Those clouds predict OMEGA as ALPHA has already been long forgotten.The light seems to fade in darkness leaving no trails of hope,terror runs through our imaginations,dominated by fear,trembling for any sound passes our ears,asking gods to respond to our prayers,as the cruel reality makes us feel small and insignificant,showing us what we really are.The braves of the brave...are hiding in fear. Everywhere is just darkness and shadows,the only light is the one of death.No one does anything....cause it's nothing left to do.But as the cloud quietly goes away as he came...everything goes back to the way they where before....and still... no one understood the message.


Pula mea....am facut si eu blogu asta pentru ca,pula mea n-am avut ce face...asa ca pula,simtitiva bine veniti,pula mea si dati comenturi ca nu va moare laba......ar mai fi multe de scris despre mine dar nu voi scrie nimic deoare ce nimic ma descrie cel mai bine....in schimb voi incheia cu pula mea.